By Katioucha Matissov 3°8

If social media is a new way of communication, it is important to keep in mind that it is also a means of diffusion for a lot of artists. And today, I think it is a good idea to explore the art of the Russian photograph, Murad Osmann.

His main and most famous work is “Follow Me”. What is the concept of this work? It is very simple. During his travels to a lot of countries around the world, he had fun taking pictures capturing the back of his wife, with his hand in hers. As if she was his guide everywhere they went. This idea is his signature, as every picture is recognisable thanks to this staging.

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London, Berlin, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Moscow, Saragossa, Ravello, Barcelona, Bali or even Venice, he captured many famous and beautiful countries. He is always working with bright colors, perfect weather, gorgeous sunlight, and large landscapes. He also plays a lot with the culture, the traditions of every city he visited. For example, in the picture he clicked during his trip to Venice, the decor is made of small alleys, typical of this country and his girl friend is wearing a mask on the back of her head.

To summarize, his work is composed of quality pictures and allows people who observe them to escape.

Here is how Murad Osmann views his art:

 “Having a creative spirit, I always had a passion for the art. For me, photography consists in capturing things which the others can miss. It is a way of communicating, a way of surfacing images which I keep in my spirit.

I want people to admire my work and see beyond what is obvious. I want them to explore the imaginary worlds which I created.”

This is a simple way to see his art, an art which questions us.

Art is a way to disconnect from our life, a way out from our time for many people. We need art to feel clear in our heads.

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Enjoy more of his work on his Instagram.