By Rania and Yousra, 3°5

Here are some tips to feel great and have a wonderful day. 

1 – To have a nice day, we have to start with a yummy breakfast. To do this, we have this recipe for you:


  • 20 cl of milk

  • 200 grams of flour

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 spoons have a melted butter soup

  • 2 tablespoons caster sugar

  • 1 bag of baking powder

  • 1 pinch of salt

2- Practice sport for an hour and listen to these songs:

  • Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)

  • Chantaje (Shakira)

  • 24K Magic (Bruno Mars)

  • Site to Side (Ariana Grande)

  • Panda (Designer)

Practicing sports is good to lose weight and also for your health. It helps you feel better.

3- Routine care after the shower:

  • Brush your hair and let it dry naturally without a hair dryer. It burns them.
  • Hydrate your body with a hydrating moisturiser.

4 – Skin Care Routine on your face

  • To have a beautiful skin, you need to wash your face twice a day
  • Remove your makeup every evening.
  • Apply moisturizer after having washed your face.
  • Take warm and soothing showers.
  • Drink tons of water.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Wear SPF 30 to protect your face from the sun.

5- Make-up Routine

  • Put on some moisturizer to hydrate your skin
  • Put a foundation cream using a beauty mixer
  • Put a corrector on your dark circles under your eyes
  • Putting powder for a matte finish
  • Apply some blush on your cheeks
  • Apply eyeliner to make your eyes appear larger
  • Bend your eyelashes and put mascara on them.
  • then wear a touch of red lipstick

    6- Once you have applied some make-up, you need to get dressed, today you will wear:

    – black and skinny jeans

      and… sorry but you have to wear those

    – black heels 

7- Once your hair is dry, create some curls.

– Brush your hair

– Use a curling iron

8- When you have finished creating curls with your hair, you can apply some nail polish.

9- After this routine, it is time to prepare lunch. Today we will make pasta. Guess what, we have a recipe for you:


-1 C. Olive oil tea

-150g of diced pancetta or bacon with smoked bacon

– Freshly grated cheese

-300g of tagliatelle

-200g fresh cream

– Cook tagliatelle in water and olive oil and salt

-All this time, cook the cream with bacon in a frying pan

-Mix everything together, then add some parmesan cheese


10- Enjoy your meal. 

11- After lunch, it is time to go out. Do not stay in your house, because there is a lot to do outside: cinema, shopping, bowling, going to the beach, …

12- If you want to go to the movies, watch these movies:

-The beauty and the Beast


-Fast and furious 8

-King Kong,…

13- If you want to do some shopping, go to these stores:

– H & MImage search result for
– Bershka
– Pimkie

14- After this afternoon, go back home and prepare dinner. Once again we have a recipe for you.


-2 cans of tuna

-1 egg




– rice paper

Mix the everything together, cut the square of rice paper in two triangles, put a spoonful of mixture on the rice paper, roll it, and eat it with salad. FEAST!

15- After dinner, rest in front of a good movie or a good series.

16- After the movie, go to bed and sleep. Your day is over.

Résumé en français

Dans cet article de blog, nous vous avons donné tous les conseils pour passer une bonne journée et nous vous avons proposé quelques astuces et quelques recettes pour vous sentir bien dans votre peau. En ce qui concerne le sport, il faut en faire régulièrement pour votre physique, mais aussi pour votre santé! On espère que toutes nos astuces vous aideront dans votre vie quotidienne.

Resumen en Español

Gracias a usted de haber mirado este blog espero que le haya gustado. Compartimos con usted los mejores consejos que padamos. Gracias a usted para toda esta atención. A al proximo.

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This article was reviewed, edited and published by our English teacher, Ms Boyer.