by Walid, 3°4

In this post, I am going to write about our society. I’d like tell you something good about us, but I can’t. I know what you are thinking “another sad writer who likes to criticise just about everything”. Just know that I’m a 15 years old boy, but even kids can talk, so please read what I have to say. I could start with the American elections, but Trump gives me a lot of  headaches, and I don’t know how it can be possible that most Americans didn’t vote for him, but that he sadly won. Anyway. Moving on. The new trend now is to be selfish. There is even a song called “I’m selfish”. Are we kidding, seriously? Even the Kardashians’ words count more than Obama’s. Why we can’t just think before do something stupid? So the question is how can we “upgrade” ourselves and be happier?

1) Tip #1

First of all, we need stop criticising or hurting other people.
If somebody doesn’t have your pricy clothes, he isn’t a monster or alien. That’s the issue. We are material people. We all want something new, expensive. The most important thing is that we don’t even need it. I mean do we really need an iphone 7, or some Adidas shoes? Not at all. So, instead, we could do something that is really important, like save lives, stop poverty and help people who are crying in this moment. And  DO NOT post on facebook “1 like to give him food”. I’m sorry but your likes won’t bring them food.

2) Tip #2

The second step we can take is to fight against our worst enemy: STRESS.
Stress is killing us from the inside, and it affects our feelings and this makes us more alone, depressed. In worst cases, stress can give us suicidal thoughts, which are the first step to a suicide. My advice is to not worry so much about everything, like a divorce or your son’s weed. Relax a little bit. Don’t shout or take pills. Think how can you change this situation for the better? Don’t spend your life drowning yourself in your problems. You need to breathe fresh air. You need to explore. Do a list of all the things you want to do before die. “YOLO”. Finding love, and travelling around the world is always a good beginning for that list. And trust me you’ll find real happiness.

3) Tip #3

This is the most important one: we need to open our minds.
World War 2 was the result of closed minds. We learn about this horrible historical event at school. We can try to figure out how to open up to others, no matter their religion, their origin, or who they sleep with. If you have a close mind, it means that you are a racist or a homophobe. What a coincidence Hitler was that too. Having an open mind means that peace in the world is possible, and that we can all be happier. Most suicides are committed by those who have suffered bullying. Bullies are the perfect example of a closed mind. Even terrorists have a closed mind. They kill you, because you don’t pray to the same God, or because you are different.

My point is that we need to finally open these minds of ours and live in peace. Together.

Let’s speak French!

L’article que je viens d’écrire est à propos de la société et comment l’améliorer. Au début je dénonce la société et l’égoïsme qui nous entoure. Je vous donne des conseils pour être plus heureux dans votre vie aujourd’hui. Voilà mes conseils:

Le premier conseil c’est de ne pas critiquer et vexer les gens pour leurs habitudes ou leurs affaires, vêtements ou autres. On doit arrêter d’être des gens matérialistes.

Mon deuxième conseil est de ne pas stresser pour tout, et de commencer à se relaxer. Le stress nous rend tristes et nous isole. Nous devons commencer à vivre notre vie chaque jour, comme si c’était le dernier.

Le troisième conseil est d’ouvrir nos esprits et de nous accepter tous, car tous les événements qui ont marqué notre histoire sont l’effet d’un esprit fermé.

Let’s speak Italian!

L’articolo parla della società e come possiamo migliorarla perchè in questi giorni egoismo si espande alla velocità della luce come una moda.

Io ho cercato di dare dei consigli in generale eccoli qui:

Il primo consiglio che ho dato è di non criticare et offendere le persone perchè non hanno il tuo modo di pensare o le tue abitudini quindi dobbiamo smettere di essere delle persone materialiste.

Il secondo consiglio è di smettere di stressare per ogni cosa e vivere la vita fare le cose che ti piace di piu.

Il terzo consiglio è quello di aprirci al mondo senza chiudere fuori qualcuno che non ha il tuo stile di vita o oltre.

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