by Nejma and Zeynep

It is well known that practicing sport is good for your health. It is good for your body but not only… Here are some good reasons to practice sport.

1-  Sport strengthens our hearts

One the main benefits of sport is to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and so to optimise the blood circulation.

2-  Sport helps strengthen our muscles

Sport increases our strength, our endurance and our muscular volume. It participates in the prevention of wounds.

3 – Sport prevents articular problems

A regular practice of sports activity helps the mobility of cartilages and so prevents joint pains.

4 – Sport allows us to breathe better

Practicing endurance sports, such as bike riding or swimming, helps increase our lung capacity.

5- Sport helps us sleep better

There is nothing like physical activity to help you relax and evacuate daily tensions. A good physical fatigue guarantees a sound and repairing sleep.

Résumé en français

Dans cette article, nous vous présentons certaines qualités que le sport peut nous procurer au sein de notre corps. Cet article présente certaines raisons de nous mettre au sport afin d’améliorer notre physique et notre mental. 

Riassunto in italiano

Ragioni per fare dello sport:

In questo articolo troverete alcune ragioni per mettersi allo sport. Questo articolo è composto di alcuni ragioni simple, qui vi motiverà. Buona lettura.


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