By Nassra & Kerrar


We are here to tell you how to become athletic. We have ideas for you to do more sport and to lose weight. Practicing sport is better for your health. Practice every now and then, and it’s a matter of time before you reach your goals, on and on!

1. First, go register to the gym.

Go once or twice a week, because it is very good for your body. Go outside more often to play soccer with your friends and to picnic with your family.

2. Secondly, eat healthily.

To do that go to the market to buy organic food and eat less junk food.

3. Pratice many sports (ex:Soccer, Basket Ball, Boxing , Judo…)

You will meet new friends thanks to sport.

Never give up what you like in your life. There is no hurry. You have time to go the gym or practice sport. Every now and then take some time to go outside with your friends. Skip fastfood.

 Resumé en français

Bonjour nous avons écrit cet article pour vous dire comment devenir sportif. Nous avons des suggestions pour vous aider à faire plus de sport, pour perdre du poids. La pratique du sport est bonne pour la santé. Si vous pratiquez de temps en temps, c’est une question de temps pour atteindre votre but.

Resumen en español

Voy a darles consejos para praticar un deporte, para tener una buena alimentación y  para tener una buena salud.


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