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In Florida, children have to listen to classical music 30 minutes a day. The reason why is not only because it makes them sleep more easily, but also because music is really great during the kids’ growth. It makes them more concentrated, they have a higher self-confidence.

If you want just want to chill out, scientists recommend classical music and especially Mozart’s music.

Listening to music decreases the blood pressure, and decreases the chances to get a cardio vascular accident, when you are listening to music, your brain releases some endorphins, which is the hormone of happiness.

The moment when you wake up is very important, because it is the start of the day. A bad wake up can wreck the rest of your morning. Everything starts with the alarm clock. Why not set a personal tune, a song or music you really love, that will make you instantly more happy upon waking up? if you have no idea about what to set up, here are some recommendations:

Aso – Seasons: This one got a slow tempo, ideal if you’re looking for a calm awakening.

Hazey eyes – Our Story: Our Story by Hazey Eyes has got an ideal slow tempo too, but it has got a tropical style as well.

I hope this topic will help improve your mornings for the years to come, thanks for reading.

Résumé en français

La musique plus qu’un divertissement possède de réel effets sur notre corps, entre la diminution de la pression sanguine ou encore la sécrétion d’endorphine, elle contribue grandement à améliorer le développement de l’enfant, notamment la musique classique, et c’est ce que j’essaye de détailler en ces quelques lignes.

Resumen en español

La música, plus que una distracción, es excelente para el cuerpo y es lo que intento de detallar en esta articulo, yo espero usted apreciaréis.


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