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Hi! Today I am going to share with you the tips that make me happy. My tips make me smile. It is the little things that help me enjoy my life. 

  1. When I am sad the first thing I do is watch a movie. My favorite one is The Lord of the Rings. This film is so funny because the author invented a complete country with its language, and different types of population. That is its specificity. It will make you change worlds only for two hours, and you can visit this world and its characters. This type of movie makes me feel like another person and I love this.

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  1. The second thing that makes me happy is to listen to music. I like two types of music. I love old Hispanic music and popular American music. My favorite singers are Malum, Usher and Chris Brown, DJ khaled, Bryson Tiller… To me these singers can sing all types of music and I love their voice. It feels so nice.

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  1. The third tips that makes me happy is to watch series. I like series, because the series is like a big big big movie and I love movies. My favorite series are Pretty Little Liars, Scorpion, Limitless, and Empire. In all these series, the characters are so special and normal at the same time. To me all the people on our world are special, because each person sees the world differently and its is so interesting to observe and find these differences that makes us unique. In this type of series you can find these differences.


  2. The fourth moment that makes me happy is the summer. I love going to the beach and visiting new countries. My favorite city is Marrakech. I love this city. It is so special. The first thing that is special is that all the houses, hotels, schools are red (my favorite color) and I love the souk in this city. It is to big and you can find all the things you need, and on the Jamaa lefena you can see the snake charmer and it is so impressive.

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  1. The fifth tip that makes me happy is to go to the beach in Morocco on Rincon with my cousin. I love this. We go in the morning and we go back in the afternoon. We spend all day there, and we go back at night because, we go to the beach party at night. There are concerts. The best singers are coming there.


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  1. Another thing that make me happy is to play video games. I love it when I am sad. It is the one thing I love to do. It is so interesting, because you are in a parallel world. GTA feels particularly like it  is completely different world, and when you start to play you can’t stop. This game is a mission oriented game, and you are part of the mafia and I love see the life of this type of people.



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This article was reviewed, edited and published by my English teacher, Ms Boyer.