by Verona and Salomé

 All the people in the world have friends. You should not believe the opposite. The biggest friendships build themselves in junior high school and stay forever. You can share a beautiful moments with your  friends and they can help you in difficult times. And if you think you haven’t got any friends, it’s wrong, because we live in a society, where we keep meeting people, who care about us. At school we can find new friends.

When you become an adult you realise friends are everything because for example:

1_ When you are sick, friends are here for you and support you.

2_When you have personal problems, your friends are the first people who understand you. They can understand you even better than your family.

3_Your friends can make sacrifices for you. They can give up an important thing to see you.

4- When you break up, they are here. When your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, your friends are here.

5- When you are sad, friends will give you a big hug, and it will help you find your smile back.

6_ Everywhere you go, your friends will be there with you. If you will move out, your friends will visit you.

7_ Your friends can share your tastes. You can go to the cinema together, or have drinks and a lot of other things.

8_ Your friends can help you in your everyday life. If you have a problem at school in mathematic for example, your friends can help you (if they understand it themselves, that is…)

9_ Your friends can make you happy everyday, even when you are sad. They will make you laugh, even if you is not funny.

10_ Your best friend is like your half. He/she can do the same thing as you and with time he/she will finish your sentences.

To make all of this happen, you need to be opened to everybody, don’t be too shy, and the most important thing is to be friendly.

Resumen en Español

La vida sin los amigos es como una rebanda de pan sin Nutella. Es decir que sin los amigos tu carece de cosa esencial a la vida .

Riassunto in italiano

Amici sono sempre ci a noi. Essi ci sostengono quando è necessario , uno puo fidati di loro. Un amico è una metà di voi , tu non potrà mai dimenticare.

Résumé en français

Pour résumer tout cela, l’amitié entre deux personnes est très précieuse, car dans tous les moments de la vie, les bons ou les mauvais, ton ami sera toujours présent pour t’épauler, il te soutiendra tout le temps pour tout, et sache qu’il ne faut jamais l’oublier. Les amis sont fait pour toujours être présents à tes cotés dans la vie de tous les jours.

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This article was reviewed, edited and published by my English teacher, Ms Boyer.