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by Camille & Oznur, 3°4

keep calm and stay fit & healthy

For some time now, a new trend towards healthy food has been rising, people have been adopting new diets. For example, detox juice is fashionable. Detox drinks are fruit juices which helps you stay fit. Some juices help with weight loss by means of meals made of fruits and vegetables most of the time.

Today, it is important to eat healthy and well-balanced dishes to feel good in our body and in our minds. In 2017, lots of people have taken the initiative to eat more healthily. Nowadays, several dietary programs are available to help us stay in shape. Lots of web sites and books propose numerous tips on how to prepare good healthy dishes.

Jus détox 3  jus détox 2  jus détox

Some examples of détox juice


We are going to give you 10 tips on how to eat healthily and have a healthy way of life:

1- Buy fresh products and don’t be tempted by sweets and other highly caloric products.

2- At the beginning, to motivate yourself, write down a program with the meals to be taken and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by other products.

plan de régime

Example of detox programs

3- Limit the boxes of canned food and frozen food.

4-Eat bread because bread contains numerous vitamins and fibers.

5- Add spices to your dishes, because they possess numerous preventive virtues for our health.

6- Drink a lot of water and avoid carbonated or very sweet drinks.

7- Ask advice to a dietitian.

8- If you can afford it, buy your meat in butcher’s shop.

9- Do not forget that meals have to remain moments of pleasure, thus the purpose remains the same, to cook tasty dishes.

10- To be at the best of your shape you can accompany your dietary program with some fitness exercises. And, besides the fact that you will be in shape, it will help you lose some weight!


exercices de fitness

Further Reading

Below, we are going to give you titles of books which propose advice on how to have a healthy lifestyle, feel good in your body, and eat healthily :

  • The Book, Caroline & Safia
  • Superbowls, Quitterie Pasquesoone
  • Happy Détox, Anne Ghesquiere
  • Raw and Healthy Food, Stefano Momente & Sara Cargnello
  • 100% Detox Juice, Dorothée Van Vlamertynghe


Summary in English

In this blog post, you will find diverse pieces of advice on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat well-balanced food, etc. … you will also find titles of books proposing more pieces of advice. We hope that this article will pique your interest.


Résumé en français:

Dans cet article de blog, vous trouverez divers conseils pour avoir un mode de vie sain, manger équilibré, etc… vous trouverez aussi des titres de livres proposant d’autres conseils. Nous espérons que cet article vous aura plu et intéressé.

Resumen en Español:

En este artículo de blog, usted encontrará consejos diversos para tener un modo de vida sano, comer equilibrado, etc usted encontrará también títulos de libros los que propondrán otros consejos. Esperamos que este artículo le va a interesar.


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