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Movies make us happier and smarter, the adrenaline that it gives us is a nice break from sadness. The popcorn is just great. All in all, movies are a good date idea if we’re sad. 

In 2016, 213 million movie entries have been sold in France. To know why such an amount of people payed about 15$ to see a movie, here’s our top 10 best movies of 2016!

1- Deadpool  – 2016

Deadpool is a good movie. Why? Well, it’s interesting, because it tells you more about the story of Deadpool and this guy is a funny character, with his 2016 humor and he does swear a lot. So joy awaits you with Deadpool! Bring your friends and prepare yourself to laugh!

2- Suicide Squad -2016

Get to know the story of The Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain boomerang, Hypebeast and Harley Quinn. Those bad guys have a mission, save the world. Between the eccentric humor of Harley and the thousand moments of actions that it contains, Suicide Squad is a movie that you need to see. This movie is cool to watch with your friends!

3- Passengers -2016

It’s a great fiction movie and a very attractive one. The actors are talented and well known, Jennifer Lawrence and Chriss Patt. Humor, action and important speeches are at the rendez-vous. Go watch this funny movie with your family!

4- Zootopia -2016

Get to know the story of Judy Hopps, a rabbit who just started the police in Zootopia. Problem, she’s a cute tiny rabbit living in the middle of big animals. Nick will help her with humor and action. Zootopia is a movie that you need to see with your family!

5- Finding Dory -2016

Dory, the famous friend of Nemo, has flashbacks of her family and wants to find them back! But the problem is, she doesn’t know where they live and she has to go over a dam. Dory and her eccentric humour will make you burst out laughing. So just keep swimming and watch Finding Dory! Your crazy friends will be perfect acolytes!

6- The Nice Guys -2016

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe embody two detectives in LA for The Nice Guys. Their very bad sense of humor will make you laugh. Bring your friends and go see this movie!

7- Ghostbusters -2016

It’s the new version of the mythical movie that captures ghosts. It is packed with much humor and an original soundtrack that you will stay in your head the whole day after. (talatalatalatalatatatalala)  Bring your family with you and go chase ghosts!

8- Sausage Party -2016

This movie “for kids” is not really for kids anymore… The story of food when/after you’ve bought it. You should only see this movie with your friends!

9-The Secret Life of Pets -2016

Discover your pet’s life once you’re gone. Max is a simple dog in a nice family, but he discovers that a white rabbit is going to get revenge on the humans. Your family will love to see those animals under a whole new light!

10-How To Be Single -2016

For Valentine’s day, Rebel Wilson is searching for love, because she can’t stand being single anymore. So she’s trying to find her true love, but it’s kind of complicated and very funny. To see with your friends or family, absolutely!

Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch:

Filme machen uns glücklicher und schlauer, das Adrenalin, das es gibt, ist ein schöner trauriger Breaker, und die Popcorns sind gut, also Filme sind eine gute Dateidee, wenn du traurig bist. In der Tat, im Jahr 2016, 213 Millionen Filme Eintrag wurden in Frankreich verkauft worden, um zu erfahren, warum eine solche Anzahl von Menschen 15 $ bezahlt, um einen Film zu sehen, hier sind unsere Top 10 besten Filme von 2016!


2-Suicide Squad



5-Findet Dorie

Résumé en français

Toujours pas heureux ? Je ne vois qu’une seule chose, tu es dépressif.
Non-pardon, si aucun de ses films ne t’a aidé, tu peux toujours essayer ces 5 films cultes du cinéma !

-Le Bon, la Brute et la Truand

-Pulp fiction

-Le parrain

 -Orange mécanique

-12 hommes en colère

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