By Fanelle and Océane.

Today, we will provide you with some pieces of advice to become a beautiful and healthy person. If you want to have a perfect body for the summer holidays, this article is made for YOU. I’m sure that if you have a healthy life, you will become more self-confident! Here is our recipe for success.

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First, you have to practise a sport. Sport is very good for your mental well being, and you can feel better if you practice a sport. There are many sports that you can do: football, jogging, fitness, baseball, basketball, waterpolo, tennis table, etc … You practice your sport alone, or with a team, but we think that it is better with a friend, because you can be more motivated. If you don’t have much money, you can practise at home, because for many sports, you don’t need to have a special material. Then, today there is an school association (A.S), where you can practice a sport without paying too much. So, what are you waiting for to begin??  Move your body immediately!

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Secondly, your food intake is 80% of your figure. So, it’s very important to eat healthily. You must have a varied diet, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. You have to eat vegetables, fruits, meats, starches.   You need to stop eating junk food. Hamburgers, French fries, crisps, cakes, donuts, ice creams, pancakes and pizzas are bad for your health.You also need to stop drinking coke and all of the sodas out there, because there is too much sugar in them. You should prefer drinking water, tea, and fruit juices without sugar. You can also drink milk sometimes for your breakfast. It has been proved that water is very good for your skin and your lips. It is also much better to eat slowly, to take your time to eat, because it’s very important for the digestion. To conclude, don’t stay behind your television with your popcorn and prepare yourself a salad!

Résumé en français

Nous sommes ici aujourd’hui, pour que vous soyez bien dans votre corps et dans votre esprit. Tout d’abord, il faut faire du sport. Il existe beaucoup de sports différents: le basketball, le foot, l’athlétisme, la gymnastique… vous pouvez même faire du sport chez vous, sans matériel. Donc vous n’avez pas d’excuse. Sortez de chez vous et bougez-vous! Vous devrez aussi avoir une alimentation saine et variée.  En conclusion, faites du sport et mangez équilibré et vous serez en pleine forme.

Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch

Für Ihre Gesundheit und Ihres Leben, Sie müssen Sport zu treiben, Ihre Freunde zu sehen … Sie müssen auch gesund und ausgeglichen essen.

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This article was reviewed, edited and published by our English teacher, Ms Boyer.