By Mehdi and Samir

 I)   Introduction

We will start with the good things that sport can bring to you.

Firstly :

– sport can improve your health

– sport can help you get a girl

– sport is good for your mental well-being

– sport is good for your body

And here is the reason why I started basketball. It is a complete sport, that makes every muscle of your body work.

 II)  Be Careful Though…

… too much sport can affect your body. I know what I am talking about, because last year I got injured because I overdid it, so during one month I had to walk with crutches.

Don’t worry though if your muscles ache. It is normal, even if it can be very disturbing, especially after an intensive training.

 III) Food

To get in shape, it is not all about training. You will have to eat well, and you will become like this man:
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Healthy food can help get a better body to become a good athlete.


 IV) Basketball 

Now let’s talk about basketball, my favorite sport. Most people think is a demanding sport and that is not wrong, but learning the proper techniques plays a great role as well.

I think that if you play basketball 2 hours a week minimum for 6 months, you will feel good.

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 V) Running 

Running will improve your cardio and help you lose weight. Running is the best sport can you practice. To begin to see results, I advise you to run 15 kilometres a day.

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VI) Swimming 

Swimming is the best sport to work on your endurance and use every muscle of your body .

If you think what I said is wrong, observe the muscles of swimmers.

 VII) Cycling 

This sport is one the most practiced sports to work on the muscles of your legs

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Thank you for reading this and I hope you liked it.

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Résumé en français

Faire du sport ça peut être bien, mais il peut y avoir des inconvénients comme des blessures ou des courbatures après un ou des entrainement(s) intensif(s), mais avant toutes choses, il faut bien manger pour avoir la forme.

Le sport est en partie plus technique que physique (le basket, le foot, le baseball….),tout cela dépend des disciplines.

En ce qui concerne le cyclisme, la natation, l’athlétisme ces sports sont plus physiques que techniques, ils font essentiellement travailler le corps.



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This article was reviewed, edited and published by our English teacher, Ms Boyer.