By Vanesa Rrustemi and Theresia N’kodia, 3°4

 Hi guys,

We are going to help you to get better Summer vacations. In this blog article, we will give you some tips on how to spend a good holiday!

“If all the year were playing holidays; To sport would be as tedious as to work.”
― William ShakespeareKing Henry IV, Part 1

This means that if we were to spend the year on holiday, fun would be as exhausting as working.                 

1st Tip: Choose your destination:


To choose your destination you have to find out what the weather is like over there to know what to bring with you. Look for a country or a city where there are good things  to visit .

2nd Tip : Make a list

theresia and vanesa

It’s important to be organized to travel. So the best thing to do is a TO DO LIST . To do it, choose a cool piece of paper, and write down what you have to do. You can also take a book to write all your travel ideas .

3rd Tip : Don’t forget your passport


This is major, so write it down on your list with a red pen in Capital letters. “REMEMBER TO TAKE MY PASSPORT” because without it you can’t travel, so you can’t do anything.

4th Tip: Bring your camera

theresia and vanesa picture

If you don’t have a camera you can’t have visual souvenirs of what you will see there and you won’t take pictures of anything. If you don’t have a camera buy one or use your phone. The best brands of camera are: Instax and Canon. Problem solved. Now, just take pictures of what interests you the most there. 

5th Tip: Bring a map

picture theresia and vanesa

Use a map or a tourist guide, and a compass, in order not to get lost, especially if you are on an island or in a forest, but if you are in a city, you can use your phone.

6th Tip: Bring some cash in the national currency of the country


If you don’t have money, you can’t do anything, and you can’t buy souvenirs for you and your family/friends. So go and get some bills in the currency of the country and SAVE MONEY.

Example: in France, the official currency is the EURO and in England, it is the POUND.

7th Tip : Relax


It is important not to stress during your holidays. 

Disconnect from the virtual world to make the best of your holidays

It is better to breathe deeply, sometimes close your eyes, stay calm and speak softly without shouting.

8th Tip: Plan the return to normal life

Don’t forget all about school or work. Start to get back to your school work 4 weeks before the holidays end. Draw a schedule of the things you need to get done, as soon as you return, so as not to do it all at the end of the holidays.

9th Tip: Don’t forget the music


Make your family/friends dance on the songs you like. This way you will have fun during the holidays, and it will also allow you to create nice memories.

10th Tip: Plan activities that appeal to everyone


You need to unwind. The school year is over, and for some of us, it was very long and tiring. So pick activities that please everyone, so as not to create tension.

Remember, it is the holidays so enjoy.



To be safe, you need to save those rescue numbers, and that of the French Embassy if you are abroad, the phone number of your bank in case you lose your credit card, etc…

All good things come to an end, So do holidays. Look forward to the next!

I hope our advice will help you have a nice holiday.
The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.                                        XOXO…😘😍

Résumé en Français: 

Nous vous présentons notre article de blog sur le thème « du conseil », plus précisément sur les initiatives à prendre pour passer de bonnes vacances d’été avec sa famille ou/et ses amis. Nous savons que parfois cela n’est pas facile de s’organiser ou de faire des activités qui plaisent à tout le monde, parfois en voulant aller trop vite vous pouvez oublier des choses importantes comme (l’appareil photoles cartes d’embarquementles cartes de crédit ou même oublier de verrouiller les portes de votre appartement.) même si cela ne semble pas très intelligent, cela arrive, donc ne vous pressez pas trop. Le plus important est de vous amuser et de passer de belles vacances avec vos proches ou seul. Donc, notre article vous aidera à être plus détendu(e) et organisé(e).

Resumen en Español:

Holà sabemos que es difícil de organizar sus vacaciones. Así presentamos once consejos que le ayudarán durante sus vacaciones y pasar los buenos ratos.

Resumo em Português:

Este artigo dá-lhe dicas para ajudar você passar bons feriado com sua família, mantendo os pés no chão e ter bons hábitos de voltar à escola e ao trabalho.

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Artikulli ynë do të ju ndihmojë për të shijuar pushimet tuaja me familjen tuaj dhe për të krijuar kujtime të mira duke menduar në lidhje me shkollën dhe punën.


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This article was reviewed, edited and published by our English teacher, Ms Boyer.