By Théo and fabien 3°4

-How to improve your life in junior high school ?

We want to improve life in junior high school because the students feel better and can study more under better conditions. Now we will present you the solutions we have found to improve the lives of students attending junior high school.

Here are some ideal solutions:


– The first solution is to find a replacement for the notebooks that are often heavy and cumbersome in the bags of students. For this we want to replace the notebooks of the pupils with tablets. This way,the bags will be lighter because students will no longer have notebooks to bring and the tablets will stay in the school in the evening. And in addition the pupils will avoid to forget notebooks or some other material at home.


-The second solution is to make smaller classes of about 10 or 15 students maximum in order to improve the learning of the lessons. By reducing the number of students in the class this may improve the students’ grades. There will also be less tension in the class between students.


– The third solution is to reduce the time spent in each course, for example to make periods of 40 min for each subject.


Here are some realistic solutions :


– The first solution is to replace school furniture that is old and damaged, and we could put in place for example chairs that are more comfortable and resistant. And so the students will better seated.


-The second idea is to reduce class time for example from 55 min to 30 min, as pupils will be more concentrated. Therefore they will feel better to learn their courses, because sometimes there are pupils, who are no longer concentrated after 30 minutes in. This is a solution to this problem.


As a conclusion, we will explain how and why we have decided to find solutions to improve the lives of students. First of all, we sometimes find that life in college was a bit hard and annoying, so we have to look for ways that this does not happen and so that we can better learn the lessons of the day without getting bored.

Résumé en Français:     

Nous allons vous expliquer comment et pourquoi nous avons décidé de trouver des solutions pour améliorer la vie des étudiants. Tout d’abord, nous trouvons parfois que la vie à l’école était un peu dur et ennuyeuse, nous devons donc chercher des moyens que cela ne se produise pas, et comme ça on apprendra les leçons de la journée mieux sans nous ennuyer.

Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch:

Wir werden erklären, wie und warum wir uns entschlossen haben, Lösungen zu finden, um das Lebender Studenten zu verbessern. Zuerst finden wir manchmal, dass das Leben in der Schule ein bisschen hart und nervig war, also müssen wir nach Wegen suchen, dass dies nicht geschieht und Damit wir die Lektionen des Tages besser lernen können, ohne uns zu langweilen.

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This article was reviewed, edited and published by our English teacher, Ms Boyer.